Gordon Bruce Art
I'm Gordon Bruce and I am an artist from Scotland. I paint rainy day street scenes with a couple with a red umbrella and folk art landscapes with animals such as cows and sheep. At the moment I'm concentrating on my nostalgic street scenes.
Lowry inspired art and paintings
If you are a fan of L.S. Lowry and are looking for a painting that is inspired by him you can find some here. My work featured here is original oil paintings painted in the Lowry style of art with street scenes and figures.

autumn paintings of couples walking through a forest
Welcome to the autumn art page. Here you can buy my original oil paintings of couples walking through an fall landscape forest with colourful trees. My original landscapes are for sale on ebay.
My winter landscape snow scenes and townscape oil paintings
I enjoy paintings winter snow scenes using my oils paints. I typically paint snow scene townscapes and countryside landscapes with a steam train.
Original oil paintings of Scottish Highland cows
Hi everyone. I am a Scottish artist who paints Highland cows on canvas. I use oil paint and sell my work through ebay
My rainy day street scene paintings
Welcome to my rainy day paintings page. Here I have on display my kissing couple pictures as romantic artwork, paintings and poster prints. My art contains couples with umbrellas walking in the rain and snow. Have fun browsing my online gallery.
Sheep paintings
Welcome to the sheep art page. You will find sheep in most of my paintings. I have folk oil paintings that are available through my ebay shop.
Stressie Cat Black Cat Original Art Lucia Stewart
Welcome to the Stressie Cat page. Here you will find the original art from Lucia Stewart. You can find links to many great products from zazzle.com
THE CRAFT CABIN Art Gallery & Picture framers
For sale inside are - prints, original paintings, art greeting cards, picture frames as well as having a fully equipped workshop for picture framing
CHICKEN COUNT, how to save money and manage it
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